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New feature: Pilot-Controlled Lighting (PCL)

Pilot-Controlled Lighting (PCL) functionality has been added to the FSAerodata Navigation database.

A total of 4,000 airports are included, most of them located in North America, Australia, Scandinavia, and France. As with the rest of the FSAerodata navigation database, they keep regularly updated following the AIRAC cycles.

The system allows adjusting the lighting intensity to low, medium and high intensity, by pressing the mic key three, five, or seven times respectively. The lighting stays for 15 minutes following the activation.

Example of the system working:

How it works:

First of all, enable PCL in the options menu. To activate them on a PCL-enabled airport, tune to the airport’s PCL Unicom frequency and press the Transmit Voice key (by default Caps Lock/BLOQ MAYUS) a number of pulses within a five-second period:
- Three pulses: Low-intensity lights are activated,
- Five pulses: Medium intensity lights are activated,
- Seven pulses: High-intensity lights are activated.
The lighting is deactivated after 15 minutes.
This function is only available on Prepar3D v4 and higher.

A list of every PCL-enabled airport and its frequency is available in the Docs folder at the FSAerodata Files directory.

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