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FSAerodata available for Prepar3D v5

fsAerodata Navigation database is now compatible with the new Prepar3D v5, which allows having the aeronautical database of the flight simulator fully updated after each cycle.

New features:
-The database now includes airport comms with 8.33kHz spacing, as a selectable option.
-Added installation using the add-on.xml method.


Some info about some of the data that is updated:

Runway designators: 844
Airport comms: 54,275
Airports with new ICAO identifiers: 172
Airports/Airfields deactivated: 3,800
ILS stations corrected: 4,205
A full update of approaches, SIDs, STARs, airways, airspace and navdata, including VORs, ILS, to their correct and up-to-date status.

Please report any problems especially when running it in conjunction with other add-ons.

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