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fsAerodata and Prepar3D v5

The latest Prepar3D v5 released includes for the first time an overhaul of the default navigation database bringing it to an up-to-date status. The changes include among others: airport layout, runways, ILS, navaids, airways, airport comms, approaches, SIDs, STARs.

The areas that haven't been changed are the following: airways, comms agent names, frequencies with 8.33kHz spacing, and airspace including the ARTCC sectors and its center frequencies.

When compared with the official cycles from Jeppesen, the navdata is not consistent across all countries and types; some ILS data are from a cycle in 2018, others like VORs,NDB, approaches are from 2019. Aprox. 2-3% of navaids ,runways could be outdated, 16% on approaches.

Since the aim of our product is to bring the outdated navigation database of FSX and Prepar3D v2-v4 to current conditions, we believe the new version does not make it necessary at this time to use our database along with Prepar3D v5.

Besides, the functionalities that were available to update some navigation data are broken, and this together with changes in the BGL file formats (they are used to store navigation data) would require a completely different database architecture tailored to this version, and the need to replace original files can counterproductive.

Until a new version compatible with Prepar3D v5 is available, we're working on the next generation of aeronautical databases with new features and compatible with FSX, Prepar3D, and the upcoming MSFS.

 Enjoy the new platform and stay safe!

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