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Flight Planning with fsAerodata

A significant advantage of using fsAerodata navigation database together with Navigraph Charts is that they are in sync with the latest AIRAC cycle. One example is the creation and loading of flight plans into the flight sim FSX and Prepar3D.

Just create an automatic flight plan on Navigraph Charts, either High Altitude, Low Altitude or VOR, export it to PLN format and import it afterward on your flight simulator.

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AIRAC Cycle 2003 Rev 1 released

AIRAC cycle:
Error on airport LDZA runways not updated from 05/23 to 04/22

File name:
Checksum MD5: 7E4BA574F6BB4C15CF0BC859DDCAB5B9
File size: 35360432

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A comparative of the navdata included on fsAerodata

With over 600,000 records, fsAerodata includes a comprehensive level data, only comparable to professional solutions and three times more than the default flight simulator, with up-to-date data.



Moreover the product includes circa 50,000 comms frequencies, enhancing the comms coverage under ATC, especially on untowered airports, while improving realism on VFR flights.

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