FSAerodata available for Prepar3D v5

fsAerodata Navigation database is now compatible with the new Prepar3D v5, which allows having the aeronautical database of the flight simulator fully updated after each cycle.

New features:
-The database now includes airport comms with 8.33kHz spacing, as a selectable option.
-Added installation using the add-on.xml method.


Some info about some of the data that is updated:

Runway designators: 844
Airport comms: 54,275
Airports with new ICAO identifiers: 172
Airports/Airfields deactivated: 3,800
ILS stations corrected: 4,205
A full update of approaches, SIDs, STARs, airways, airspace and navdata, including VORs, ILS, to their correct and up-to-date status.

Please report any problems especially when running it in conjunction with other add-ons.

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fsAerodata and Prepar3D v5

The latest Prepar3D v5 released includes for the first time an overhaul of the default navigation database bringing it to an up-to-date status. The changes include among others: airport layout, runways, ILS, navaids, airways, airport comms, approaches, SIDs, STARs.

The areas that haven't been changed are the following: airways, comms agent names, frequencies with 8.33kHz spacing, and airspace including the ARTCC sectors and its center frequencies.

When compared with the official cycles from Jeppesen, the navdata is not consistent across all countries and types; some ILS data are from a cycle in 2018, others like VORs,NDB, approaches are from 2019. Aprox. 2-3% of navaids ,runways could be outdated, 16% on approaches.

Since the aim of our product is to bring the outdated navigation database of FSX and Prepar3D v2-v4 to current conditions, we believe the new version does not make it necessary at this time to use our database along with Prepar3D v5.

Besides, the functionalities that were available to update some navigation data are broken, and this together with changes in the BGL file formats (they are used to store navigation data) would require a completely different database architecture tailored to this version, and the need to replace original files can counterproductive.

Until a new version compatible with Prepar3D v5 is available, we're working on the next generation of aeronautical databases with new features and compatible with FSX, Prepar3D, and the upcoming MSFS.

 Enjoy the new platform and stay safe!

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Flight Planning with fsAerodata

A significant advantage of using fsAerodata navigation database together with Navigraph Charts is that they are in sync with the latest AIRAC cycle. One example is the creation and loading of flight plans into the flight sim FSX and Prepar3D.

Just create an automatic flight plan on Navigraph Charts, either High Altitude, Low Altitude or VOR, export it to PLN format and import it afterward on your flight simulator.

Subscriptions available on: https://fsaerodata.com/order



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A comparative of the navdata included on fsAerodata

With over 600,000 records, fsAerodata includes a comprehensive level data, only comparable to professional solutions and three times more than the default flight simulator, with up-to-date data.



Moreover the product includes circa 50,000 comms frequencies, enhancing the comms coverage under ATC, especially on untowered airports, while improving realism on VFR flights.

Subscriptions available on: https://fsaerodata.com/order


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Database of Visual Reporting Points (VRP) available

A full database of VRP (Visual Reporting Points) / VFR Waypoints (>7,500 points) in Europe, Oceania, US, and Canada, is included with fsAerodata database and is updated on each AIRAC cycle.

IMPORTANT: A table with all VPR waypoints is available and compatible with flight planning tools like Little Navmap or Plan G. The files are available on fsAerodata folder \Navigation Data\Docs

Time for some VFR training!


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