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suggestion to fsaerodata

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 7:20 am
by Breenild
Hey fsaerodata,

I have a feature-suggestion to fsaerodata:
I would like to have a dialog in the application, where I can enter airport ICAO's, to exclude from updating with fsaerodata.

Thats why sometimes I do not have scenery addons for airports and the nav-database is completly different from the standard-scenery.

For example some airports in russia, where I flew to on my world tour, do have only one runway in the standard-scenery, but in real (and of course in the downloaded navdata) it has 2 runways. So I prepare to land on the runway with ILS and in the final I can see, that I'm going to land on a field of grass and the runway is 300m on the right of me.

Or sometimes the complete airport is moved, or I can see airports in the simulator menu (or in PLAN-G, which works with the simulators navadata as well) where in the scenery simply is nothing.

So it would be useful, if I could enter the ICAOs of these airports, which should remain as standard. And these entries should be saved in a config-file.