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Product Compatibility List

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Product Compatibility List

Post by fsaerodata » Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:07 am

This is a list of 3rd party products which are confirmed compatible with fsAerodata (FSAD) aeronautical database:

- VoxATC:
fsAerodata is compatible with latest VoxATC v7.41; following deviations have been reported by users:

a) Oceanic centers: latest fsAerodata version fixes a previous issue where VoxATC was not able to read FSAD center sectors.
b) VoxATC has no capabilites to read different altitude sectors on same boundary; it assigns one frequency regardless of the altitude.
c) Conflict with MyTraffic sceneries: some users reported errors during initialization; problem was fixed having MyTraffic a higher priority than FSAD on scenery list.
d) "Fatal error" message displayed due a conflict with addons that use old ICAO designator; please disable the option "ICAO Identifiers" in the options menu.
e) At non-towered airports, VoxATC request user to comunicate with Traffic Advisory comms using generic freq. 135.425 instead of freq in database.

Please run VoxATCIndexer tool after updating your flightsim aeronautical database, to avoid errors during VoxATC initialization.

- Pilot2ATC:
the ATC tool is compatible and is able to read the ARTCC sectors updated by fsAerodata. Please read Pilot2ATC User's Manual for more information.

- Aivlasoft EFB: compatible with EFB v2 and previous v1.
Some external addons (UTX, MyTraffic, ORBX) add tons of airports, many of them outdated and with wrong runway headings, which take preference over default airports. Aivlasoft EFB has a sceneryExclude.txt file to prevent reading them.

- Little Navmap flight planning and moving map tool is fully supported; airspace, approaches, SIDs, STARs and navaids are displayed correctly.

- FS Commander limitations: fsAerodata is not compatible; airport entries are duplicated on search window ( our product adds an airport layer with approaches that replaces obsolete data, following FSX/P3D SDK standard; FSC reads this layer as a new airport, hence the duplicates shown). FSC does not read fsAerodata entries.

- Plan-G: SIDs and STARs procedures reported as errors when Plan-G builds database; they are not listed or displayed on map. Duplicated entries when showing airport information.

- UTLive The AI Traffic tool is fully compatible.

- 3rd party airports (e.g. Orbx, Aerosoft,...) :
fsAerodata does not modify or disable any data due to licensing restrictions. Following data is updated: comm freqs, approaches, ILS and ILS/DME data, enroute navdata. External content not updated: runway headings, terminal NDBs and terminal waypoints. Obsolete navdata from external content will show up on navigation map or GPS; it's a visual effect, but the product cannot disable them.
Altitude adjustement bgl files from external add-ons may avoid updating runway designators or airport names.

FSAD updates several ICAO designators to the real world conditions, but still some publishers use the old FSX/P3D designators on their sceneries(Orbx, Aerosoft,..). As a result, there may be conflicts when FSAD is active (airport runway sinks or floats over terrain); please disable option "ICAO Designators" on FSAD Config tool, and re-run database update.
Jose L. Rubio / fsAerodata
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