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Pretty Useless?

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Pretty Useless?

Post by jadelois »

I purchased this product so that I could fly RNAV and GPS approaches in my local area as published. However, I've found that I cannot use the update to fly several approaches with the stock GPS (e.g., the Bethel Regional (0B1) Y RWY 32 approach, amongst many others). Although this approach appears in the GPS menu as an option to select as an approach (and all IAFs/FAFs are correctly labeled and in the correct position), no amount of pressing "Activate Approach" will actually get it to load. That absolutely renders this purchase useless, considering I now have to guess and hope as to which airports will actually respect the GPS procedures.

I was under the impression this tooling would work out-of-the-box. Am I doing something wrong? Would it be best to uninstall this software, obtain a refund, and instead opt for the Hervé Sors updates? I haven't tried those yet. I am literally just looking for something that will get the stock GPS to work with all current data. This plugin made it seem like that would be the case, but, unfortunately, it does not...

As an aside, where do we go for refunds?
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Re: Pretty Useless?

Post by fsaerodata »

I've checked the problem you mentioned using the default GPS, and I'm not able to reproduce it. The approach can be loaded or activated flawlessly and all transitions and approach are as they should be. You can reach the Activate option by moving the Page right button (check the GPS users manual for more details).

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