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New Feature: Update of ARTCC / FIR regions

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New Feature: Update of ARTCC / FIR regions

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Starting with AIRAC cycle 1708 revision 2, the Airspace Traffic Control Centers / Flight Information regions are updated on default flightsim, based on latest published data available on Navigraph/Jeppesen datasource.

Update of callsigns, including new FIR ICAOs.
Display of updated FIR region, including callsign and location on default GPS units (page Airspace) (not available on Prepar3D V4)
Display of updated FIR region, including callsign, location and frequency on external moving map (e.g. LittleNavmap, Plan-G)
Update of ARTCC name and updated frequency on default ATC window.
A detailed summary list of ARTCC/FIR frequencies worldwide on PDF format is available on Docs folder at current AIRAC cycle

There are no changes on FIR boundaries.
UIR/FIR data not available.
There is a limit of one frequency that can be selected/displayed on ATC window and external moving map applications. This is a limitation of FSX engine.
This is a test version for the users to evaluate if it's worth to add this new functionality on database. Please report any comments, feedback or issues detected.
Function can be disabled via options menu on config tool.
Data will be updated on regular basis, not on each AIRAC cycle.


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