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New Feature Released: Default ATC Voice and Agent Names Replacement Set

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New Feature Released: Default ATC Voice and Agent Names Replacement Set

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Our new produt/feature replaces the outdated Prepar3D default ATC agent messages and callsigns displayed on screen, using instead the latest data included in current fsAerodata aeronautical database. Furthermore, it updates the original voices by new ones so that the new messages can be properly broadcasted.

The product has been released as experimental, due to the limitations still present on Text-To-Speech technology and the constraints of the default ATC system to allow vocie changes; therefore, there is no support or future updates scheduled at this time.

The product is available as a FREE BONUS to all current and new customers of the 13-cycle subscription. See below for instuctions details.
The download link is available on the Menu Support->User Account

After the update, the new ATC set matches the real-world data available on current charts or add-on products based on Navigraph navdata. The updated messages include among others: airports or any airfield with at least one comm listed, airspace ARTCC agents, airport comms, current and extinct airlines, aircraft types, manufacturers and the default phraseology currently used.

The end result is much better coverage of airports, higher fidelity, and realism as they match the real world, and the benefit that they can be updated following the AIRAC cycles provided by fsAerodata.

Furthermore, the the addition of thousands of small airfield names enhances the experience when flying VFR.

The product includes the voices:
3 voices in English (United States)
2 voices in English (Great Britain)
2 voices in English (Australia).

Some examples of development data: audio ATC chatter recorded (the text displayed on the ATC window should be the same as what is broadcasted); please download and open the audio files with your default mp3:

EGKA Shoreham Approach: ... oach_2.mp3

London Center Upper Airspace ... nter_2.mp3

Clearance KBLI Bellingham ... ance_2.mp3

Comparative of default FSX/Prepar3D vs fsaerodata ATC Voice database

Installation instructions:
Build based on FSAERODATA navigation database cycle 1905.

ATC file: FSAD_ATC19A1_v04.gvp - Extract, backup file 'default .GVP' located on [flight sim]\Sound\ATC, and replace with the fsAerodata file.
ASOS file: USEnglishASOS- Extract, backup original file located on [flight sim]\Sound\ATC\ASOS and replace with fsAerodata file
Disable the option 'Default ATC Callsign' on config tool, to allow the use of real-world names instead of the old ones.

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Re: New Feature Released: Default ATC Voice and Agent Names Replacement Set

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Hi, I went to my user account page and saw the link to the new ATC voice sets, it is a 600 MB download. I am using Google Chrome as my default browser. Instead of the download beginning I get an invalid file message.