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Cycle 1904 released

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Cycle 1904 released

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AIRAC cycle:
- Added VIsual Reporting Points or VFR Waypoints in US and Canada. More info: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=259&p=1371#p1371
- Added .csv file to display VRP as userpoints on Moving Map formats Little Navmap and Plan G. Files are located in folder \Navigation Data\Docs
- Revision of several ARTCC agent names to match with existing default callsigns.
- Removed aberviations FIR and UIR on some ARTCC agent names, for better compatibility with VoxATC.
- Removed duplicates on ARTCC sectors, and revision of ARTCC boundaries in Central Europe.
- Fixed partially an issue with incorrect heading of holding patterns, due to likely a bug on FSX/Prepar3D.

Config Tool (vers. 1.2.11):

Replacement of the original ATC Voice database for FSX/Prepar3D is now available.
Fixes an issue where the ATIS Message is not displayed or broadcasted due to a bug when the active approach for the airport is of type ILS-X, ILS-X, ILS-Z, with fsAerodata database active.

Download link: ... Size:160MB

Please download the latest revision from your account,

Cycle can be downloaded from your account on
Subscription can be purchased here:
File size: 33,322,274 bytes
MD5: 9047973091A57C479B1D124D9530E978
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