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What are the benefits of using fsAerodata?

FSX or Prepar3D flight simulation platforms include an outdated navigation database dated from 2005, with a complex and custom format that makes the updates a challenging task, specially for approaches.

fsAerodata includes technologies that automate the conversion of the aeronautical source data released every 28 days, to a format compatible with FSX and Prepar3D.

Additional to Navaids, the solution updates all approaches, departures and arrival procedures worldwide.

Default navaids are updated (disabled or its frequencies updated). 3rd party addons are not modified.

fsAerodata has been tested with Aivlasoft EFB, Little Navmap, Plan-G, any GPS which reads flightsim database,  partially compatible with VoxATC and it's not compatible with FS Commander. More details on compatibility are available on section Product Compatibility List on our forum.

fsAerodata has to be placed below any 3rd party airports or sceneries, to guarantee compatibility when using Prepar3D v4.5 or higher.


How often is the navigation data updated?

Data is updated on every AIRAC cycle; every 28 days, a new set of fsAerodata is ready for download and installation on flightsim.


How accurate is the navigation data included?

It's based on Navigraph source data derived from Jeppesen, which reflects the latest and real aeronautical information.


Do I need a subscription to Navigraph?

Yes, an active subscription to Navigraph is needed for the active cycle, together with a subscription to fsAerodata; user subscription is verified before the latest cycle is unlocked and downloaded. Once your subscription is ended, you can back up and use the cycles downloaded without any restriction or time limitation. 


How is the update of the Aeronautical data on the Flight Sim. Is it safe?

On the first install, the tool performs a backup of the original flightsim navigation data. Airways and enroute navaids are disabled and for the new files, fsAerodata installs new scenery entries in flightsim. Navaids like VORs and NDBs, not in use anymore, are set to a "disabled" status. fsAerodata files are located on a separate folder.


Is it possible to restore to original configuration?

On the main tool, a feature is available, to restore the flightsim to the original navigation data.


Are ILS Navaids updated?

All ILS data (magvar, frequency, glideslope, DME) are updated. New ILS stations that were missing on sotck trainer are also added. Notice this applies to default runways only. Updates include also 3rd party addons stations, as long as fsAerodata is set with higher priority on scenery list.


What purchase options are available?

The purchase includes a subscription service (3-month or 1-year) and a tool for the download and installation of each AIRAC cycle on flightsim.


How can be simulated  SIDs and STAR procedures on the GPS units?

fsAerodata implements aprox. 65,000 SIDs and STARs procedures that can be simulated using a new feature available on Prepar3D GPS units. Feature is available with the 'PROC' (Procedures) button.

To enable this feature on any aircraft GPS, the user has to edit the aircraft panel configuration file, replacing the gps type from default version '' to ''.


What Navaids are updated?

Instrument Approaches, SIDs Departures, STAR Arrivals worldwide. Airways, Enroute VORs, NDBs, Waypoints, Terminal Navaids, Magnetic variation, TACANs, Runway designators or heading, ILS frequencies,  Navaids frequencies. Obsolete navaids disabled.


Is compatible Air Traffic Control(ATC) system with updated database?

Updated approaches and transitions are selectable for landing when IFR conditions are met. The internal ATC benefits having full coverage of procedures while improving the overall realism for the user aircraft and AI traffic.
The ATC will vector the user aircraft through the transition to final approach (IAF fix) and AI traffic to the IAF fix of any of IFR approaches that are available. The behavior observed in the default flightsim with the user aircraft being requested frequent changes of direction are eliminated when choosing any of the transitions available. Furthermore, AI traffic will benefit from the increased number of final approaches, though its behavior remains limited by the internal engine.


Is it possible to simulate realistics flightplans?

Having an up-to-date navdatabase, realistic worldwide flightplans can be generated and imported from any of 3rd party tools and be successfully executed, since flight plan and sim database both will match.


Are TACAN simulated?

fsAerodata provides aprox. 370 TACAN worldwide for military operations, which were not included on default FSX/P3D.

TACAN/VORTAC facilities are implemented on P3D. A VORTAC will simulate two elements: a VOR/DME and a TACAN for military operations.

On FSX, TACAN is not simulated and will not be displayed either on map or GPS; VORTAC is implemented simply as a VOR/DME.


What type of Airport communication frequencies are updated?

fsAerodata includes aprox. 40,000 frequencies, several new or updated from original trainer.

List of frequency types included: Approach, Departure, Tower, Ground, Unicom, Multicom, CTAF, Clearance, Pilot Controlled Lights (PCL). Note that PCL system is not simulated by FSX/P3D engine.

Traffic advisories: TMA, TRSA, ATIS. Weather information: ASOS, AWOS, AWIB, AWIB.


License terms

fsAerodata is licensed for leisure, hobbyist and personal training use. Product is not licensed for professional training  or commercial purposes.

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