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fsAerodata: First Global Aeronautical Database for Prepar3D and FSX

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    fsAerodata - Worldwide Update of Aeronautical Data
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    Big increase in quantity of navigation details vs default trainer
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    Simulation of 40,000 up-to-date approaches worldwide
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    STAR/SID Procedures can be displayed and simulated on Prepar3D GPS units
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    Visualization of approaches and airspace on external apps (e.g. Little Navmap)
  • FSAD Tool1
    Easy installation and database activation through config tool

    fsAerodata is the first product for flight simulation that enables a global update of the built-in default aeronautical navigation database in FSX and Prepar3D v1-v5 to current real-world conditions. The updates follow the regular 28-day AIRAC cycles. fsAerodata service claims the inclusion and update of every documented navigational aid, comms, airways, airspace, and airport approaches, including SIDs and STARs.

    If you want to flight real-world approaches, execute realistic world routes, have all the latest data on navigation map or use a default GPS/FMS with a full simulator database, then fsAerodata is your choice.

    The FSX and Prepar3D flight simulation platforms include an outdated navigation database dated from 2005. The database has a complex and custom format that makes the updates a labor-intensive and challenging task, especially for approaches. fsAerodata has developed algorithms that automate the conversion of the aeronautical data to a format compatible with FSX and Prepar3D.

    Our source data is supplied by Navigraph and is compiled and converted on each AIRAC cycle. Every 28 days, a new dataset is ready in fsAeroData for download and installation into your flight simulator. fsAerodata concerns only the default FSX/Prepar3D database; all flight simulator addons and tools are updated via Navigraph’s FMS Data Manager directly.

    The fsAerodata solution can be purchased as a 3-month license or 1-year license, this latter one valid 365 days from the date it was purchased. Additionally, you’ll need an active subscription to Navigraph, which is the provider of the source data to fsAerodata. At the download of each cycle, you’ll be requested to validate your Navigraph subscription.


    Worldwide update of flight simulator navigation database including the following elements: 

    • Navaids: VORs, DME, NDB, TACAN, Enroute and Terminal Waypoints.

    • Instrument Approaches, including SIDs and STARs procedures. Ability to fly curved radius-to-fix (RF) legs Approaches.

    • Full database of VRP (Visual Reporting Points) / VFR Waypoints (>7,500 points) in Europe, Oceania, the US, and Canada.

    • Airways Routes, including High and Low altitude airways.

    • Update of the world's airspace: controlled (Class A-G, CTR, CTA, TMA, Radar, ATZ, Airways sectors,...) and restricted ( including among them MATZ sectors).

    • Full coverage of ARTCC / FIR real-world sectoring, including real-world sector altitude layers, names, callsign, and center frequencies.

    • Update of Airport Comm Frequencies worldwide; comms with 8.33kHz spacing (Prepar3D v5 only)

    • Access to SIDs & STARs procedures on default GPS navigation unit (only Prepar3D).

    • Update of Runway designators.

    • Update of Airport Names and ICAO identifiers (more than 650 ICAO idents worldwide).

    • Deactivation of more than 4,000 airports that have been closed or decommissioned worldwide over the past 15 years.

    • ILS stations: update of frequency, name, Identifier, Magvar, correct heading acc published charts, DME and glideslope station. New stations added.

    • Obsolete Navaids are disabled.

    • Simulation of TACAN facilities (only Prepar3D).

    • Air Traffic Control (ATC): Selection and aircraft vectoring of final approaches based on the updated database.

     New on cycle 2009: Pilot-Controlled Lighting (PCL) on 4,000 airports worldwide, for the first time in Prepar3D. More info on: pcl-fsaerodata

    • Capability to successfully execute real-world routes.

    • Fully Compatible with new Prepar3D V5.

    • Auto-update of Magnetic Variation Table (MagVar) on the flight simulator.

    • Please note, fsAerodata does not update 3rd party add-ons airport data.


    fsAerodata includes the capability to drive and simulate SIDs and STAR procedures with the default GPS units GNS500 (on Prepar3D only).

    (more info in the FAQ section).


    Example of SIDs Approaches for LEBL



    The most comprehensive database with over 600,000 records, 3 times more than the stock flight simulator.



    STAR Arrivals with fsAerodata (only on Prepar3D)
    Improved classification of approaches: added LDA, Back localizer, SDF types
    Airport Comms
    Up-to-date Airport Comms frequencies; more than 5,000 added.
    Update of Runway Headings
    Aprox. 3600 runway headings are updated
    Visualization of Approaches with SID/STARs on external Flight Planners (e.g. Little Navmap)
    Visualization of LSGS (Sion) Approaches with SID/STARs and up-to-date airspace
    UK Airspace: Up-to-date boundaries and classification
    Europe Airspace: up-to-date boundaries and classification
    AirspaceFSAD NA 1703
    North America Airspace: up-to-date boundaries and classification
    ARTCC 1
    ARTCC Regions updated worldwide (>280 ICAOs included)
    ARTCC 2
    ARTCC Sectors updated acc. real world data, incl. comms, callsigns, names.
    ARTCC Europe
    Full coverage of real ARTCC sectors in North America, Europe
    FSAD GermanyHS
    ARTCC sectors include real world altitudes and center freqs.
    Closed Airports
    Deactivated more than 4,000 airports that are closed in the real world.

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